7 Ways to Make Time for Your Partner & Strengthen Your Relationship

If your best friends blew into town, you’d make time for him or her, right? How about a cousin or other family member? And if you have children you always make time for them, right?

What about your spouse or significant other? Do you make time for them?

It’s important that you do. When the kids are grown and friends move away, who is left? Your partner. It’s a relationship that you need to nurture for the duration. Just being married or saying you’re in a committed relationship isn’t enough. Being “together” is hard work.

If you think you’d make time for friends or other relatives then you need to do the same for that special someone in your life.

  1. Make time to talk and catch up. Share what’s going on at work, with the kids, with your extended families. And don’t forget to really TALK. Not just about the day-to-day stuff. Talk about your hopes and dreams and your thoughts on the future. The deep stuff is the good stuff!
  2. Cook meals together. Helping each other in the kitchen is a good time to bond and it gives you the chance to try new foods that you both might like. Perhaps take turns choosing what the main course or sides might be.
  3. Do the household chores together. No one wants to be the household grunt. Cut the workload in half to get things done quicker, then you’ll have more time for fun.
  4. Take a drive. Relax, roll down the windows, put on your favorite music, cruise for a bit and spend some time talking and holding hands. Remember when you were younger and went on dates? Getting there and back was part of the journey.
  5. Text. Send each texts during the day, and not just about the daily mundane stuff like bills and who is driving carpool. Flirt! We do Sexy Text Tuesday memes for you to screenshot and text. Use ‘em! Here’s one. And another.
  6. If you have children, do the kid routine together. Homework, carpool, bath time, bedtime. Get it all done together (more quickly!) then you’ll have more you time. Also, when you both spend time with the kiddos, it gives you something more to talk about. You can’t really discuss the funny things your kids do and say if you both weren’t there to see it.
  7. Make time for sex. Don’t just flop into bed each night, exhausted. Plan for it if you have to! Start by flirting via text, make dinner and do chores together so that no one partner is “too tired” for sex. {TIP: One partner will grow resentful if they are doing all the work and then you can kiss the sex goodbye!}

Taking time for each other will make your relationship stronger!

Any advice that you would add to the list?


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  1. I love this post, I definitely agree with you. I moved in with my partner 2 years ago and we realised quick enough to make time for one another is really essential without getting under one anothers feet.

  2. Great ideas. Sometimes you don’t know how to gauge whether your relationship is strong or not because most of the time you’re amidst a whirl of so many other responsibilities. It’s good to see that we do a lot of these things and that it’ll keep us strong. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tips. With 3 kids time goes by so quickly, and you’re right, we really need to step back and make sure we’re giving as much attention to our spouse!

  4. These are excellent tips for keeping a relationship strong. As someone who’d been with my husband 22 years, married 19 of them…I do not think we would have gotten this for if we had not invested “time” in each other. Great post!

  5. Great advice! I know I get caught up in the “if we don’t have time for something big don’t do it” mentality sometimes, that I forget it can be just as meaningful to do the small day to day stuff together.
    xoxo, Sarah

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