About J+J

We’ve been together longer than we haven’t. It’s been a great ride. Except when it hasn’t. Working through problems and coming out stronger on the other side is what inspired us to start blogging. We’ve done a lot of work on ourselves and together as a couple. We laugh. We argue. We have great sex. A lot of great sex! Mostly we feel we have advice and ideas to help others have quality relationships, too.

Face it friends, marriage is hard. Sometimes, it’s unbearably hard. Everyone needs to figure out what works for them. And sometimes, you need help. Lots and lots of help! That’s why we’ve opened our comments, email, Facebook, and Twitter to take questions from you. Looking for advice? Need to vent? At your wit’s end? Reach out to us and we’ll post your questions and our answers. It can be anonymous, we don’t judge.