7 Ways to Make Time for Your Partner & Strengthen Your Relationship

If your best friends blew into town, you’d make time for him or her, right? How about a cousin or other family member? And if you have children you always make time for them, right?

What about your spouse or significant other? Do you make time for them?

It’s important that you do. When the kids are grown and friends move away, who is left? Your partner. It’s a relationship that you need to nurture for the duration. Just being married or saying you’re in a committed relationship isn’t enough. Being “together” is hard work.

If you think you’d make time for friends or other relatives then you need to do the same for that special someone in your life.

  1. Make time to talk and catch up. Share what’s going on at work, with the kids, with your extended families. And don’t forget to really TALK. Not just about the day-to-day stuff. Talk about your hopes and dreams and your thoughts on the future. The deep stuff is the good stuff!
  2. Cook meals together. Helping each other in the kitchen is a good time to bond and it gives you the chance to try new foods that you both might like. Perhaps take turns choosing what the main course or sides might be.
  3. Do the household chores together. No one wants to be the household grunt. Cut the workload in half to get things done quicker, then you’ll have more time for fun.
  4. Take a drive. Relax, roll down the windows, put on your favorite music, cruise for a bit and spend some time talking and holding hands. Remember when you were younger and went on dates? Getting there and back was part of the journey.
  5. Text. Send each texts during the day, and not just about the daily mundane stuff like bills and who is driving carpool. Flirt! We do Sexy Text Tuesday memes for you to screenshot and text. Use ‘em! Here’s one. And another.
  6. If you have children, do the kid routine together. Homework, carpool, bath time, bedtime. Get it all done together (more quickly!) then you’ll have more you time. Also, when you both spend time with the kiddos, it gives you something more to talk about. You can’t really discuss the funny things your kids do and say if you both weren’t there to see it.
  7. Make time for sex. Don’t just flop into bed each night, exhausted. Plan for it if you have to! Start by flirting via text, make dinner and do chores together so that no one partner is “too tired” for sex. {TIP: One partner will grow resentful if they are doing all the work and then you can kiss the sex goodbye!}

Taking time for each other will make your relationship stronger!

Any advice that you would add to the list?


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THAT’S what you’re wearing?

Hey men, this is for you, so listen up.

Word on the street is that ladies don’t like to be seen out in public with a slob. Tinkering around the house or yard is one thing, but not on date night. Seems like a big “duh” statement, right? But man, it’s shocking at what’s being paraded around town like acceptable public attire.

I’m not sayin’ you have to wear a suit or tux when you’re going out, unless that’s appropriate, then yeah, suck it up and wear it. But c’mon, let’s not look like we’re cleaning out the garage when we step out.

So guys, seriously, it’s time to up your game for your lady and dress like you give a shit. She likes when you look sharp! Lose the sweats and hoodies in public. Put away the camo if you’re not a soldier. Get rid of the baggy cargo shorts unless you’re going on a photographic safari to Africa. And for the love of God, ditch the stained or faded t-shirts.

You’ll thank me later!

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No Shame in Napping

When children are young, we have them take naps. When we’re older, adults should nap, too. Why the hell don’t we? I know, I know…kids, jobs, housework, errands, blah blah blah. I admit, we all have a lot to do. BUT, is there nothing more awesome than cocooning up with a warm blanket and catching a little shut eye after staying up too late or having a busy day? I think a lot of people pass up naps because they fear it will make them feel like a do-nothing lazy ass. Cut yourself some slack; your body needs sleep.

If you haven’t heard the studies on sleep, Americans don’t get enough of it. We’re go-go-go people. But at what cost to our minds and our bodies? Fer God’s sake, go lie down!

I can’t believe I went so many years feeling like an idle slug if I napped on the weekends or after I got home for work. Not long ago I realized it didn’t have to be a long nap – 30 minutes often did the trick. Hell, I waste that much time on Facebook alone. Readers, put the electronics down and snooze a bit!

Because here’s a little bonus…in 2012 CNN published, “Are you too tired for sex?” A study showed that 1 in 4 Americans say they’re often too tired for sex. And friends, that’s a damn shame! So take a little nap and then maybe you’ll be down for a little nookie later on. And hey, if your significant other ever gives you a hard time about napping, tell ‘em you’re preparing for sex! Who’s going to argue with that?

I think I’m going to go have a little snooze now. ~wink wink~

Are you a napper? How do you feel about naps?


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