Our Revolutionary Soldiers Were Badass

I did some sightseeing today. Specifically, I was at a Revolutionary War Museum. I was struck with how badass our early founders were. The soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War were volunteers, and they fought for seven years. No pay. No guarantee of food or water. No promise of a better life. No warm clothes in winter. No warm place to sleep. But they did it. They had beliefs and they had a drive to be free. I often wonder if our country could pull it off today. Would volunteers fight for our country again?

I wonder, but I hope we never have to find out.

Peace! And freedom!

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My Snoggler

I’m outing Jenny. She’s what I call a “snoggler.” If you’re married or live with someone, you might already know what it means to snoggle.

Snoggle (verb) – to hog the bed under the guise of snuggling.

Snoggler (noun) – one who snoggles.

Jenny likes to sleep on her left side but scoots her shapely ass as far as she can toward the center of the bed, most often encroaching on my half of the bed. Or, she’ll drape her arms and legs over me on me while resting her head on my pillow. She says she’s cuddling but I’m on to her. She’s staking out additional real estate. Thank God I love her. And really who couldn’t use a good snoggle from time to time?!

Is there a snoggler in your bed? Tell us about it.

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