My Snoggler

I’m outing Jenny. She’s what I call a “snoggler.” If you’re married or live with someone, you might already know what it means to snoggle.

Snoggle (verb) – to hog the bed under the guise of snuggling.

Snoggler (noun) – one who snoggles.

Jenny likes to sleep on her left side but scoots her shapely ass as far as she can toward the center of the bed, most often encroaching on my half of the bed. Or, she’ll drape her arms and legs over me on me while resting her head on my pillow. She says she’s cuddling but I’m on to her. She’s staking out additional real estate. Thank God I love her. And really who couldn’t use a good snoggle from time to time?!

Is there a snoggler in your bed? Tell us about it.

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  1. I would be the snoggler. 😁 But what if I can’t sleep if i don’t snoggle? I’m kinda used to having my butt touch hubby’s butt. It makes me feel safe for some reason. 😂

  2. Im single, but when i sleep over at my friend’s she does that. But i cant stand it, im the kind of person whos body heat increases naturally, so having something or someone too close or their arms and legs over me makes it hard to sleep 😂

  3. I used to have a snoggler in the bed. He was a very large cat. He jumped on my feet and he sat on my head and wondered why I wasn’t awake when he was. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of eleven from lymphoma. What a sweet cat. I really miss him.

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