No Shame in Napping

When children are young, we have them take naps. When we’re older, adults should nap, too. Why the hell don’t we? I know, I know…kids, jobs, housework, errands, blah blah blah. I admit, we all have a lot to do. BUT, is there nothing more awesome than cocooning up with a warm blanket and catching a little shut eye after staying up too late or having a busy day? I think a lot of people pass up naps because they fear it will make them feel like a do-nothing lazy ass. Cut yourself some slack; your body needs sleep.

If you haven’t heard the studies on sleep, Americans don’t get enough of it. We’re go-go-go people. But at what cost to our minds and our bodies? Fer God’s sake, go lie down!

I can’t believe I went so many years feeling like an idle slug if I napped on the weekends or after I got home for work. Not long ago I realized it didn’t have to be a long nap – 30 minutes often did the trick. Hell, I waste that much time on Facebook alone. Readers, put the electronics down and snooze a bit!

Because here’s a little bonus…in 2012 CNN published, “Are you too tired for sex?” A study showed that 1 in 4 Americans say they’re often too tired for sex. And friends, that’s a damn shame! So take a little nap and then maybe you’ll be down for a little nookie later on. And hey, if your significant other ever gives you a hard time about napping, tell ‘em you’re preparing for sex! Who’s going to argue with that?

I think I’m going to go have a little snooze now. ~wink wink~

Are you a napper? How do you feel about naps?


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