Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 2

Hello friends, today is the second day of Jack+Jenny’s Seven Day Sex Challenge.
This is designed to be a fun challenge to do with your partner. There are no hard and fast rules, just two suggestions:

  1. Talk together about how you’d like to tackle the challenge du jour. Do what’s comfortable. You can scale back if you’re feeling timid, or amp up the daily challenge to meet your own needs. But be a little open minded and perhaps push your boundaries.
  2. Have fun!

Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 2: Get Out of the Bedroom

When you’ve been together awhile sex can get stagnant and lackluster. If you’re a in-the-bed kind of couple, it’s time to get out! For this challenge, try a different location: the living room couch, the basement, your car in the garage or driveway, on the back deck, in the bathroom in front of the mirror, on the kitchen counter, your grandmother’s settee, you name it! This may also require different positions, so that’s a bonus — bent over, sitting up, doggie — whatever works to get out of the sex position rut.

So grab a pillow, towel, or blanket and scout out a great place for today’s challenge.



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