Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 4

Hello friends, today is the fourth day of Jack+Jenny’s Seven Day Sex Challenge.
This is designed to be a fun challenge to do with your partner. There are no hard and fast rules, just two suggestions:

  1. Talk together about how you’d like to tackle the challenge du jour. Do what’s comfortable. You can scale back if you’re feeling timid, or amp up the daily challenge to meet your own needs. But be a little open minded and perhaps push your boundaries.
  2. Have fun!

Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 4: Find some props

For today’s challenge, you need some props! If you’re into bedroom toys, get ’em out and put ’em to use. Have you ever tried any of the his-n-hers lotions? Pick up some and try it out. The sensations can be amazing. Try the toys AND the lotions for extra sizzle! If you’ve never tried food items, now’s your chance. Whipped cream is cliché, but it can be a lot of fun. Got chocolate syrup or other ice cream drizzles? Grab them! How about smearing the chocolate syrup with a strawberry and feeding it to your love? Music can be a great prop, too. Find songs that feel romantic or ones that set your libido into overdrive! How about a feather? Tease your sweetie with the light tickle of a feather. Lingerie makes a sexy prop even if it does end up on the floor.

Look around your place and see what you’ve got that can be used as something sexy or erotic or silly. This challenge is all about having FUN!



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