Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 6

Hello friends, today is the sixth day of Jack+Jenny’s Seven Day Sex Challenge.
This is designed to be a fun challenge to do with your partner. There are no hard and fast rules, just two suggestions:

  1. Talk together about how you’d like to tackle the challenge du jour. Do what’s comfortable. You can scale back if you’re feeling timid, or amp up the daily challenge to meet your own needs. But be a little open minded and perhaps push your boundaries.
  2. Have fun!

Seven Day Sex Challenge – Day 6: Tie ’em Up

We see you starting to get squeamish, but don’t fear, this can be fun. We’re not asking you to use handcuffs (unless that’s your thing!) because we, too, read “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King. Brrrrrr. Instead, use scarves or neckties! They’re softer anyway.

If you have a four-poster bed or a bed with headboards and/or footboards you can easily tie up your partner’s hand or feet. If not, you might need to tuck the scarves under the mattress or under the bedframe to make the tethering snug. If that’s not possible either, tie just your partner hands, position the hands above the head, and the on-top partner simple holds the tether.

While you have your partner tied, tickle, tease, nibble, lick, suck, kiss…whatever drives them wild! It’s incredibly sexy to have that much attention paid to you while not being able to move. Maybe bring back the props from the other day as an added surprise.

Decide on a safe word if things get too intense or frightening.



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