Sometimes Being Responsible is Overrated

We’re all so damn responsible, you know? Work, kids, volunteering, chores, yard work, taxes, home repairs, car maintenance. Sometimes it feels like the shit never ends.

And it doesn’t. Until you die.

In the immortal words of Prince, “We are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life.”

Life. It’s not just about slogging through the day-to-day drudgery of adulting. Life is about living and sometimes that means being irresponsible once in awhile. Because Prince also advises us to, “Let’s go crazy!”

For Jenny and I, that sometimes means blowing off work and being wild for a day. Our version of wild and your version of wild are probably different, and that’s cool. For us, we might go boating with the wind and spray in our faces. It might mean we go into the city and do something new and different. Maybe we’ll try new foods or cocktails and stay up way too late. Sometimes it means we’ll stay home, roll a fattie, laugh our asses off while watching a comedy, and then have amazing sex.

Whatever helps you get through life, man, embrace it. Give up adulting for a day. Remember the good things in life. Go crazy. No one on their deathbed every wished they’d worked harder and never taken a break.

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