THAT’S what you’re wearing?

Hey men, this is for you, so listen up.

Word on the street is that ladies don’t like to be seen out in public with a slob. Tinkering around the house or yard is one thing, but not on date night. Seems like a big “duh” statement, right? But man, it’s shocking at what’s being paraded around town like acceptable public attire.

I’m not sayin’ you have to wear a suit or tux when you’re going out, unless that’s appropriate, then yeah, suck it up and wear it. But c’mon, let’s not look like we’re cleaning out the garage when we step out.

So guys, seriously, it’s time to up your game for your lady and dress like you give a shit. She likes when you look sharp! Lose the sweats and hoodies in public. Put away the camo if you’re not a soldier. Get rid of the baggy cargo shorts unless you’re going on a photographic safari to Africa. And for the love of God, ditch the stained or faded t-shirts.

You’ll thank me later!

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  1. I love a well-dressed guy, for sure. But I also like them a little rugged. You know, like they could protect me in a fight without worrying about getting their hair messed up. Lol i think that’s pretty hot.

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